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April 2024

In the world of work these days, there is heightened awareness of compensation programs. We have seen legislators in various jurisdictions across Canada highlight the need for a greater level of transparency related to pay. Pay transparency requirements now exist in several Canadian provinces, multiple US states and in Europe.

Pay transparency brings about additional challenges for managers and HR departments. The vast majority of workplaces make efforts to communicate authentically and openly to employees about their various HR programs, including compensation. However, there is still a lot of work to be done. Transparency requires strength in program development and communication. There is a need for very careful change management when initiating greater pay transparency.

Managers need to be equipped with the knowledge of how compensation actually works within the organization. Often, this knowledge is primarily housed within the HR department. The initial source of information for employees should be their manager. As experts in compensation, HR professionals are equipped to educate managers and employees alike concerning pay.

Creating market-based pay structures, including job evaluation programs, is foundational to pay transparency and pay equity–and key to employee acquisition, retention, and motivation. Compensation programs must align with the organization’s compensation philosophy and core values.

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