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Succession Planning: Don’t Leave it to Chance

July 2024

I have developed a Strategic Succession Planning Framework which I have been using effectively with various clients.

Robust succession planning is crucial for each organization’s long-term stability and helps ensure leadership continuity in the event of a key change in employees.

By making leadership decisions early, investing in individual development, and developing transition timelines, organizations can build a sustainable team with the support and buy-in that leaders and their successors require. And, retain their top talent.

Without developing and regularly updating a detailed succession plan, organizations open themselves up to serious performance risk.

If unable to effectively bridge the knowledge gap after a key member departs, there is a risk of losing the support of key stakeholders, including the Board.

The objective is not only about finding a capable replacement for an eventually departing leader. It should also be an opportunity to evolve and enhance the role with foresight and alignment to the future needs of the business. Even if the current occupant of the position is successful by all metrics, that does not mean that the role itself is fully equipped to meet the future needs of a growing organization.

If succession planning is done poorly or neglected, the organization’s prospects and the futures of those who depend upon it are left to chance. Most boards and senior leadership teams won’t take that chance.

Please reach out to me to discuss the creation or review of your organization’s succession plan. Don’t leave it to chance.

CEO – Energy Sector

I am delighted to provide a heartfelt testimonial for the exceptional Human Resources support I have received from Wendy Alderdice. From the moment I joined the company as CEO, Wendy demonstrated an unparalleled level of professionalism, competence, leadership, and dedication.   I am particularly grateful for Wendy’s support during times of change and adversity, like the unprecedented situation of the Covid-19 pandemic. Whether it was implementing new policies, managing organizational restructuring, or providing guidance during difficult situations, she handled each challenge with grace and professionalism. Her expertise and ability to navigate complex situations with empathy and fairness have made a significant impact on the overall morale and cohesion of the company during these challenging times.

CEO, North America
Energy Sector

Controller CPA – Global Manufacturing Co.

I worked with Wendy throughout many years, during which she provided critical HR advice and counsel to our management team especially as we navigated numerous business issues. During the pandemic crisis, Wendy provided strong leadership to our management teams located at the company’s various sales and manufacturing locations. The Finance Team grew to trust her deeply. Wendy served as a trusted sounding board and coach. I would strongly recommend Wendy’s HR consulting services to any organization that values excellent and timely HR advice.
Controller CPA
North American Manufacturing and Sales Company