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Managing Partners – Global Training Co.

We chose Wendy and her company, OutPerform Human Resource Consulting, to guide us with the excitement and challenges that we faced with growing our business through acquisitions.
To this day we turn to Wendy on a wide range of business needs. We have found Wendy to be consistently a consummate professional. 
She is articulate and communicates well with all levels. She is visionary and understands the tactical aspects of a senior leader’s role. 
Her ability to remain objective in positively resolving difficult challenges for our business is an impressive attribute that helps keep us as C-Suite executives focussed on delivering results and not get caught up with distractions. Wendy has very strong interpersonal skills. She productively adapts well to all kinds of situations. She is patient with team members and always willing to explain concepts and give the benefit of the doubt when it is appropriate.
We recommend the services provided by Wendy’s company OutPerform Human Resource Consulting to companies regardless of what stage the company is in in its life cycle. 

Managing Partners
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