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Talent Acquisition in a Competitive Market

June 2024

Most employers face challenges in attracting top talent. Here are some best practices for approaching talent acquisition.

Understand and clearly define the true business need for each open role, the unique circumstances, and the ideal candidate profile. Take the time to assess the skills and experience within the current team and know which capabilities will enhance the team now and into the future.

Be creative and relentless in your search. Approach talent acquisition as a team-based priority. Don’t accept “good enough”—keep going until you truly recognize top talent—the individual who aligns with the necessary skills, qualities, and experience as well as the core values of the organization.

Stay aligned with your organization’s mission and vision throughout the process. Create the right infrastructure for new hires from the inception of the talent acquisition project throughout onboarding and beyond. You only have once chance to make a great first impression.

Proper structure and process around talent and performance management, combined with a people-first workplace culture and leadership commitment to engagement and career development, make for a powerful formula that pays big dividends over time.

The journey to an incredible organization really is only possible when talent acquisition, engagement and retention become a deep focus for all leaders and team members.