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Executive Director

Wendy has supported our agency for 20 years with policy development, staff workshops on policies, and strategic HR support. She has been quick to respond to all inquiries, attentive to our needs and provided perspective, wisdom, and insight to help us develop next steps to support our agency.

Executive Director
Non-Profit Organization

CEO – Manufacturing Company

We were a growing organization with limited HR resources and inconsistent policies. The company retained Wendy as a consultant. She implemented a complete HR system including employee manuals policies and programs for Canada and the USA.  Much of what Wendy did also helped us sell the business to a major international company. Thereafter, she also assisted us in managing a successful transition and integration. 

Throughout several years, Wendy gained the trust of our senior management team and many of our employees, always helping
further the success of the company.  As a result of her work with our company, Wendy was asked to provide HR consulting services to other subsidiaries in North America also owned by our parent company. In this capacity, she implemented HR programs for a number of new acquisitions. Wendy’s work included working with immigration lawyers to transfer employees from Europe to Canada and the USA. I was ecstatic with the work Wendy did and I would unreservedly recommend her to anyone who needs help in their business.

International Manufacturing Company

CEO – Energy Sector

I am delighted to provide a heartfelt testimonial for the exceptional Human Resources support I have received from Wendy Alderdice. From the moment I joined the company as CEO, Wendy demonstrated an unparalleled level of professionalism, competence, leadership, and dedication.   I am particularly grateful for Wendy’s support during times of change and adversity, like the unprecedented situation of the Covid-19 pandemic. Whether it was implementing new policies, managing organizational restructuring, or providing guidance during difficult situations, she handled each challenge with grace and professionalism. Her expertise and ability to navigate complex situations with empathy and fairness have made a significant impact on the overall morale and cohesion of the company during these challenging times.

CEO, North America
Energy Sector